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January Favorites

Anyone else feel like we’ve reached January 856th? Why is this month lasting so long?! In an effort to make it a little more enjoyable, we thought we’d share some of our favorite things right now and also because hey, we like you. These are items that we have come across / use on a daily basis that we are absolutely obsessed with. Each month we will feature a few of our favorites and why we love them so much. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

1. Clean Pits

In April of 2015, our mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. Thanks to the good Lord and modern medicine, she is 100% now and next year will officially be considered cured. But I was seven months pregnant at the time, so naturally this coupled with her diagnosis threw me into an obsession to CURE THE WORLD! Her cancer was environment-based and I became convinced that deodorant gave her cancer. I realize that’s a bold statement to make. There are many other things that can contribute, such as stress and things found in nature that we eat, drink, touch or breathe. But in my hormonal state, nothing was taking my obsession away from deodorant. If you didn’t know, deodorant is one of the most toxic things we put on our body everyday, as most deodorants on the market today contain aluminum. I can write a whole post on how bad aluminum is, but to summarize, studies have linked both Alzheimer’s disease and breast cancer to aluminum-based deodorants.

I would estimate that I tried about 10-12 different all-natural brands claiming to have strong antiperspirant properties. Not one of them worked. That is until I discovered a new and small (at the time) company called Native and no lie, I’ll never use anything else. It’s seriously MAGIC. It keeps up with my sweating (I’m a big sweater, sorry I’m gross), smells amazing, and no aluminum!

When Abbie became pregnant, I demanded that she switch deos and she’s been thanking me ever since 😉 From 2015 Native has become rather large, getting bought by P&G and recently picked up by Target! We both order ours online with an automatic delivery every two months. You can grab one on your next Target run soon! My fave scent is Lavender Rose and Abbie’s fave is whatever their seasonal scent is at the time (like pumpkin spice in the fall!).

2. Immune Support

With flu season in full swing, we are doing all the things to try and avoid it. Have you ever heard of the elderberry? It’s long been used as an herbal remedy for cold, flu, and sinus infections, but only in the last few years distributed in the mass market. The elderberry has virus-fighting, immune-stimulating, and anti-inflammatory effects! These are our favorite Elderberry gummies. Your box store pharmacies will also have some similar in either gummy or tablet form.

3. Game Night

My boyfriend got Abbie and Alex (husband) this game for Christmas and holy smokes batman is this game fun!! It’s like Cards Against Humanity, but even more fun because MEMES ARE LIFE!

4. Wash Your Face

Our mom got us this makeup eraser for Christmas and we are rejoicing over no longer worrying about ruining our nice wash cloths. It’s really a mystery as to how it works, but it removes all of your makeup with just water. Witchcraft!

5. Puker Up

This is my all time favorite lip tint and the only lip stuff I wear, ever. I got Abbie one for Christmas and it is now the only lip stuff she wears, ever. It’s just the perfect subtle color!

6. Mean Muggin

6. I just got these mugs the other day at Target because 1) they spoke to my heart and 2) made me LOL right there in the crowd. Abbie and I both think the other is the strangest creature on the planet, so these were just meant to be. I’m sure all you self-proclaimed weirdos can appreciate these! HAHA!

7. Wall Art

Aren’t these prints gorgeous?! Would you believe me if I said they’re only $20? Yuuuppp. Juniper Print Shop is our go-to for beautiful, affordable art. You download and print whatever size you want, grab a cheap frame from Target or IKEA and you’ve got yourself a super high-end looking piece of artwork. I actually have FIVE of these prints around my house! We typically use Kinkos (FedEx Office) for printing but they also say Walmart does a great job. You can also order them from Juniper already printed if you like! If you sign up for their newsletter, you get a buy two / get one free promo code.

8. Leggings Are Pants

We also got these Express leggings from our mom for Christmas and they are literally BUTTER. Imagine buttery silkiness on your legs and that’s these leggings. Just get yourself a pair and thank us later for cutting down on your laundry — because these are the only pants you’ll wear now. (YES, LEGGINGS ARE PANTS.)

9. You’re an Artist

We found this app that is changing our life. Waterlogue turns your photos into watercolor and they are simply gorgeous. We’ve found that images without a full face in view come out the prettiest, otherwise eyes are turned into little black dots. Those with side profiles are the best and buildings/landscapes are sooo good. We’ve printed so many, we’re now asking ourselves, how many watercolors hanging on the wall is too many?! Check out our insta-stories to see which ones we printed and download the app to watercolor your own here!

So there ya go friends! We hope you enjoy some of these for yourself and if so, let us know how you like them! We’d also love to know — what are some of your favorite things right now??


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