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Valentine Gift Guide for Kids ($10 and under)

We always like to get the kids a little something for Valentine’s Day. But it seems like every year we wait until the last minute and find ourselves scrambling to the store the night before. If this is also you, we’ve got ya covered this year with the cutest gifts from Target and Walgreens. And the best part, each item is under $10!

If you’re wanting one of the items from Target, do yourself a favor and go ahead and order online for Drive Up pick up. I did it a couple weeks ago for the first time and it. changed. my. life. Like 99% of Target shoppers, I fall into the trap of wanting all the things. I stand in the Dollar Spot for at least 15 minutes until I finally tell myself, “No, Katie, you do not need another $3 seasonal dishtowel. You came for laundry detergent. MOVE ON, CRAZY!” (It’s also a good idea to order online for pick up in case you see there’s only a few left at your local store.)

Anyway, enough chit-chat! Here are 11 items your little one is sure to love this Valentine’s Day:

1. Essie’s Valentine’s line is just darling. They have six different shades and the bottles are all decked out for V-Day.

2. Every little diva needs a pair of heart sunnies.

3. It seems that no matter the age, all kids love play-doh! This donut creation set is the perfect “small” gift, but still feels substantial.

4. In all honesty, I considered this heart-shaped crossbody bag for myself. No shame in my game!

5. MINI WAFFLES. Enough said. There are no words for the cuteness of this mini waffle maker. Abbie got one not too long ago and it makes the best little short stack of Belgian goodness. It also comes in several different colors like black, teal, and red! (Also sold at Kohl’s and Bed, Bath, and Beyond.) This gift is really for all ages — even adults!

6. My mom gets credit for this find — she got this adorable light up heart for my daughter for her Valentine’s gift from her and we put it on her desk as a little “lamp.” Run to Walgreen’s asap and grab one! It’s not just for little ones, it would also look so cute in a dorm room!

7. The second of my mom’s gift, this tumbler (the one with the eyelashes). As my daughter says, it’s “fabulooouusss!” Walgreen’s Valentine’s gifts are buy one, get one 50% off. This tumbler + the light up heart would be under 10 bucks for both! Your coworker, sister, BBF also needs this + filled with their fave candy!

8. Do you know how hard it is to find “boy” Valentine gifts?! I’m not one to favor gender colors, but I know most young boys (and some girls) aren’t the biggest fans of pink — which is 98% of Valentine items. This soccer-themed, Reese-filled heart is great for your older little guys and gals!

9, 10, 11. We have all three of these books and love bringing them into the rotation for the month of February. My 3.5 year old is particularly fond of all the mouse books and Happy Valentine’s Day, Mouse might be her fave. I personally love Llama Llama books, primarily so I can free-style them like Ludacris. And last, but not least, Love Monster is a must-have in all little libraries!

Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day, friends! Let us know if you found something on this list and how your little one liked it!


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