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February Favorites

January lasted for five years, February went in a blink! But good news is spring is almost here and we have never been more ready for a season change in our lives. To get us over the hump of the next 20 days until the official start of spring, let’s do a little retail therapy, shall we? Each month we make a list of things we are OBSESSING over and believe need to be shared with the world. Here are our favorites from the past 28 days!

1 / If you haven’t jumped on the air fryer bandwagon yet, we highly recommend you do so ASAP! Every food you love, and maybe just tolerate right now, instantly becomes 100% more delish if cooked in the air fryer. We’ve tried all meat and almost every vegetable in here and I’m pretty sure we’re never going back to the oven. My personal favorite, reheating pizza — it goes back to that just-out-of-oven crunch!

2 / I’ve wanted a silk pillowcase for a while because of all the great skin and hair benefits, but wasn’t willing to shell out the $$$. My mom got us both this silk pillowcase for Valentine’s Day and I will never go back to a cotton one again. My skin is sooo much less dry and my hair keeps its curl for TWO days longer! They really are worth the hype and this brand is JUST as good as those crazy expensive ones. My mom has the SLIP brand ($$$) so I’ve compared and they are literally the same.

3 / These blueberry cashew Perfect bars are Abbie’s craving all day every day. I pretty sure if she could live on these, she would. Every time she finds them in the store, she buys every single one they have — that’s love. If you aren’t a huge fan of blueberry, try the variety pack to find your fave. Healthy and delish!

4 / Not a day goes by when a bow isn’t in my 3.5 year old’s hair. She’s a tomboy and will have dirt from head to toe but by golly, she wants to make sure she’s got some flair. My friend is a maker and runs the cutest bow shop you’ll ever find. This colorful lily and navy floral are already in the mail headed our way for spring!

5 / These fur-lined toddler loafers give me life! They are the cutest and comfiest little things and only $12. There are non-fur pairs as well, but how perfect are these for the last couple months of cold-ness! My little has been wearing her’s daily so she doesn’t have to worry with socks 🙂

6 / I plan on sharing my entire all-natural skin care routine next week, but I just have to go ahead and show you these two items. I use this jojoba oil as my morning moisturizer and this retinol cream as my night-time moisturizer. I’ve been using oil as a moisturizer for several years now and the difference in my skin is astonishing. And before you think it’s not for you, I have combination skin — oily in some spots, dry in others. I’ll go all into the benefits of putting oil on your face next week, but for now, trust!! As for the retinol cream, I’m a single mom in my early 30s aka I’m a wrinkle-inducing mess 99% of the time. Retinol is anti-aging magic. I just discovered this particular retinol cream at the beginning of the month and without trying to sound like an infomercial, I actually SEE a difference!!

We hope your month was magical! Let us know what some of your favorite things are right now!!

Featured Photo by Steve Halama on Unsplash

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