Top 10 New Mom Must-Have’s

We get it — you’re a new mom or soon-to-be new mom and you have no idea where to start. It’s so overwhelming the amount of options there are to choose from! At least 10 different bottle brands, a crazy variety of car seats, and let’s not forget the baby gadgets. Swings, bouncers, exersaucers, the list goes on and on. Being moms ourselves, we understand that every baby is different and will connect with different things. But these are the items we LOVE and found to be legit life savers.

1/ Both of our babies have slept with this sound machine since day one. It’s simple with only two settings, small enough to fit on even the smallest side table and neutral in color to go along with any nursery. When we went on a family vacation last May, Katie was on her way to the airport and realized she forgot Carter Claire’s sound machine and turned around to get it even though she was already 20 minutes away from home. I didn’t understand at the time, as I was still pregnant. Now I get it and would totally do the same!

2/ Let’s rewind to last July. Henry was just born and we (like most parents) were beyond exhausted. Sleepless nights were adding up and I tried all the tips and tricks. I had read about the DockATot when pregnant but stuck to the basics when creating my registry. This is now considered one of my basics. I could write a novel on how genius these things are. We started with the DockATot Deluxe and my mom upgraded us to the Grand last Christmas. If I knew HOW they worked I would tell you, but I don’t. My only guess is that it has magical powers. So magical in fact, that Katie decided to give it a go on Carter Claire (age 3.5) and she has slept through the night IN HER OWN bed ever since. (praise hands) They are pricey, but absolutely worth every penny.

3/ If you’re not wanting to spend as much, Katie also swears by the Magic Merlin. These are designed to help with baby’s startle reflex while sleeping to prevent them from waking up so easily. My favorite thing about the Merlin is that they make any baby look like the Michelin Man and it’s adorable. They are a thick material but keep baby cool at the same time. Again, we aren’t sure who comes up with these contraptions, but guarantee whoever they are must own their own island at this point.

4/ Unless you live in a bubble for the first few years of your baby’s life, there’s a good chance that your baby will get sick at some point. Both of our babes were born in the summer. Right as we were adjusting to our new normal cold season hit, Henry also started daycare and the sickness started. Bless him. But the Babymoov cool mist humidifier worked wonders for his stuffy nose and cough. It has such cool/high tech features too. You have the option to change the light color or have no light at all. It has an automatic function that will adjust based on the rooms humidity to make your job easy too. If you fill it completely up with water it will last every bit of 14 hours or more.

5/ As a new mom, it’s so important to take care of yourself. One way that Katie and I do this is with these JuiceBeauty eye patches. They have all natural/clean ingredients and are a great way for a quick refresh. All mommas need help with those dark under eye circles, amiright? Hop in the bath for a little soak and eye patch moment… maybe take a glass of wine with you 😉

6/ When Henry started daycare I needed a way to label his bottles. I search for bottle labels and came across these. They are SO cute, come in so many different colors/designs and stay super snug on our Avent bottles (but will work on most bottle brands). Even if you’re not doing daycare, these are still a cute and functional item to have.

7/ I think we can all agree that we want to use the safest products on our baby’s as possible. Sometimes that means an extra expense or a product that doesn’t work as well as the alternative. With any Puracy item, you take all questioning out of the equation. Katie introduced me to this brand and we LOVE it. We use the Puracy baby shampoo and body wash in the citrus grove scent and Henry get compliments on how good he smells ALL.THE.TIME.

8/ We love walks. Can’t get enough of them, but last summer I was so worried that Henry would get hot in his stroller. This clip fan is rechargeable and clips on anything. The charge stays for a few days without dying, so I would say you could get around 4 hours out of it if it’s constantly running. It’s affordable and compact. We take it on all of our family vacays.

9/ Whether you are nursing or exclusively pumping, we highly recommend a good nursing tank. I found these and still continue to wear them today even though I’m not nursing or pumping anymore. They are comfortable and give easy access. They are also very supportive. I even wore them under clothes to act as a bra during maternity leave (hehe).

10/ Last but not least, Henry’s favorite of all of his gadgets, the Skip Hop bouncer. He goes crazy in this thing! I think it’s actually made his legs stronger with how much bouncing he does. This one is so cute and counts the amount of bouncing they do. When Henry gets to 100/200/300 (his max is 500) we get silly excited and clap like crazy people and he looks at his in excitement but doesn’t have a clue what we’re doing (LOL). It folds up for easy storage too!

What baby item can you not live without?? Let’s all share our secrets!

Feature Photo by Dakota Corbin on Unsplash

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