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Practical Easter Basket Ideas for Toddlers & Babies

Another holiday, another gift guide — anyone feel like we’ve had a ton of holidays this year already? Wait, only two? No ways, there’s been at least seventeenupton.

Don’t get me wrong, I love holidays — especially ones as special as Easter. What I don’t love is feeling obligated to buy more junk for my three year old. For the past three Easters I just grabbed whatever cute stuff I found in the Target dollar spot. I wasn’t two weeks later that every bit of it was in the trash and there went $20 along with it. So here’s what I’m gonna do — ditch the unnecessary sugar high and commit to only getting a few practical items that are useable beyond a day.

  1. Pajamas, but the shorts and short sleeve version since it’s getting warmer and she sweats like an overly athletic man when she sleeps.
  2. New paint, she’s all out.
  3. Polly Pocket — she saw it on TV the other day and about fainted. Kid after my own heart because I’m pretty sure I had the same reaction to it at her age.
  4. The Fancy Nancy Easter book. Because you always gotta throw a book in there to consider yourself a good mom, right?

Brings it to $30 total. #success

You feeling this vibe too? Here’s some more ideas for both toddlers and babies!

1 // Pajamas

2 // Arts & Crafts

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Feature photo by ASHLEY EDWARDS on Unsplash

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